• Akita Mix
  • 3 year old male

Linus Matt and I hadn’t been actively looking for a dog, per say, but we had agreed we could look into getting a puppy that next spring. However, Matt had made some pretty good arguments against getting a puppy, better yet a stubborn Shiba Inu puppy! With intentions to rescue the breed I wanted, my heart slowly broke. We live in an apartment, we’re college students, and soon to be full time workers; a shiba just wasn’t the right fit. I began to search for the next closest relative to a Shiba Inu, an Akita. Matt’s aunt has a beautiful Akita that we met and fell in love with over the summer. She had suggested an Akita might be a better fit than a Shiba. On August 14, 2016 Petfinders.com lead me straight to Linus. Matt didn’t take much convincing as Linus is an uniquely attractive dog with a strong build and a calm demeanor (all things he likes). So the following Saturday, we went to meet Linus at the Town and Country Humane Society. Despite the little attention Linus gave us during our visit, we loved his coat, calm demeanor and his good walking habits. To much surprise, we signed his papers that day! And on August 26, 2016 we picked up Linus and to began our adventure. Since leaving the Town and Country, Linus has gained a solid 7lbs in muscle on his new diet!! He also loves to cuddle, nap, go for long walks and runs, go for car rides, visit grandma, and occasionally play with his toys. He is extremely affectionate and protective of us when he thinks there could be trouble, but very gentle and sweet even to new friends he meets! We’ve already had some ups and downs (marking in the house, frequent attempts to escape the apartment, and chewing off the door frame), but we can’t imagine our lives without him now. Thank you Town and Country for all that you do and most importantly, uniting us with our beloved Linus!

  • Doberman/Shepherd Mix
  • 6 year old male

ZachI saw Zach in the World Herald ad, stating he was T&C Dog of the month. His picture reminded me of my other dogs due to his colors. I wished I could meet him, however I tried to put it out of my mind. On Mother’s Day my wife saw the picture in the paper. Well, it worked. She called Town and Country and then I went to go see him. He was the first dog I saw when I arrived. I thought that he needed me, as so many dogs need a person to step up and embrace them into a family. He is wonderful. At first he was going to live at my business but after my other 3 dogs accepted him, he became a member of my pack. He wanted to run with my dogs in the country and when I finally let him off leash, he was thrilled. He ran step for step with my rottweiler, performing scout duties. Since we live in the sticks, he can be off leash more than on. He is wonderful, obedient and loving. He can be trusted with all dogs, kids, babies and now horses and billy goats. He fulfilled his dreams of chasing cats, barking at squirrels and sleeping on a king size bed. He doesn’t know he was in a cage most of his 7 years. He now knows when its hot he wants air conditioning, when he’s lonely, he knows he can get attention from his pack and Mom and Dad. He loves life and has changed my priorities. I now will only adopt or parent older dogs. They are superior in training and need to get a chance with a family. His story is not complete. He is now an ambassador for dogs like him. We actively promote Zach’s history and hope to show people how a great dog can be missed so many times by perspective adopters. There will never be a day bigger than the day when Zach went home with me and my dogs accepted him. He now has a girlfriend (Molly). They play, kiss, sleepover and who knows?

  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • 3 1/2 year old female

CricketHi, my name is Cricket and I was adopted into a very nice home. They figured out I love to have my tummy rubbed every night and need my pillow fluffed up before I go to bed. I watch soap operas during the day and my new dad loves me a whole bunch. What more could I ask for?

  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • 3 year old female

SheilaSheila was at Town and Country for a LONG time. She came to live with me a year ago, in September 2008. She made the adjustment fairly well. She learned that the couch was a nice place to nap and the bed, under the covers, is the perfect place to hide from her “sister” Dotti! She made herself right at home. She loves to go swimming and to play in the mud…she rolls in it and and dunks her head in and by the time we leave she looks like a raccoon! She loves to go to the dog parks and LOVES rides in the car. She loves playing with her dog friends! She is my little shadow, always making sure she knows where I am. She is such a sweet girl and I am glad she is my little Sheila Bean!

  • American Bulldog/Shepherd Mix
  • 5 year old female

RemiMy name is Remi, and I am a “big girl” at 6years old. I have lived most of my life at Town & Country, where the wonderful caretakers and volunteers gave me lots of love and good care. But I still wished for a home of my own, as I am sure you can understand. Well, I finally got my wish and I am getting ready to have my first Christmas with my new family. My Mom (Mary) and Dad (Ray) took me to school first thing to learn how to behave in a house and get along with everybody. I did so good at school that I graduated as Salutatorian of my class! This is my new best friend and brother “Chip.” Chip & I sleep in the bedroom with Mom & Dad. We each have our own bed, but sometimes we just like to lay close to each other. As you can see, Chip and I are almost like a “real” brother and sister, and we love to play together! WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Black Medium Hair
  • 5 year old female

Caer AllisonWhen Caer and Alison first came to live with us in February of 2008 Alison immediately took over the house. She loved all of the attention from the kids and from us and was fearless!! She seemed to be grateful to have a home. She and Caer did not intermingle at all because Caer spent the first 6 months here hiding from everyone. Alison enjoys sleeping on the top of the couch and in our bed with us. Caer first started coming out at night after the kids had gone to bed but was still pretty skittish. She started becoming a ‘real’ cat one year after coming to live with us. We were shocked when she and Alison started laying together in the window. She now comes out with the expectation of being pet and loved on and then curls up on her very own velvet purple pillow with her ‘baby’, a stuffed Felix the cat. Since obtaining two new kittens both Alison and Caer have found their ‘inner child’ and have adapted quite well to their new friends. They are teaming up and teaching the kittens to behave, but gently thankfully.