Minimum Donation for Boarding

Town & Country Humane Society offers boarding for companion animals at reasonable cost. Income from this boarding goes to the care and housing of animals less fortunate.

*No boarding pick-ups or drop-offs on Wednesday’s beginning on August 15th, 2017*

Dog Boarding Minimum Donation

One dog

$ 14

Two dogs

$ 20

Three dogs

$ 26

Cat Boarding Minimum Donation

One cat

$ 10

Two cats

$ 15

Three cats

$ 20

Recommended Donation for Grooming

Grooming rates vary due to breed, coat type, animal size and a number of other factors. Please contact us for details.
Your pet will needs to be here between 3 to 4 hours. Income from grooming goes to the care and housing of animals less fortunate.

Bath & brush

$ 15-20

Full grooming

$ 25-50